Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cameron’s of Franklin County Mississippi

The Cameron’s of Franklin County Mississippi was a very large  family and through  my research, and oral history, I have found that many of my great grandfather Alex Cameron (b. 1862)and his first wife Ada and second wife Laura children and descendants left Franklin county and did not keep in touch with one another.
To understand this you have to understand that Slavery completely disrupted the notion of the black family because family members could be sold away from one another at any time.The  disruptive force of slavery can still be seen today in the black family.

One of my great grandfather Alex Cameron son's was my grandfather Bryant Cameron and he had approximately 14 brothers and sisters whom moved away and never say each other again. I feel that the Cameron family of Franklin county Mississippi was a perfect example of how slavery continued to perpetuates it self through time. It is very sad that many of these brothers and sisters never saw each again before they died.
I feel that I have a calling to find my ancestors. To somehow wake them up and have them live again, to tell each of their unique and different stories through oral history, the pages of census records, birth certificates, war records, and finally death certificates.

Researching your family history is not just a cold gathering of facts; genealogy is a labor of love. A love of family and family beginnings, and family’s earthly accomplishments. I take pride in learning of my ancestor’s accomplishment, and pain from their losses and tragedies.

I have since located ancestors that still reside in Franklin county and Lincoln county Mississippi and I have located others in Louisiana,  Detroit, and Muskegon, Michigan, etc. and I have provided pictures below.
Henry and Ethel Jackson Cameron
Brother of my Grandfather Bryant Cameron
Henry's offsprings reside in Brookhaven MS, Detroit Muskegon MI.

Below is Rosie Lee Cameron Smith (b.1925 d. 2011) Daughter of Henry and Ethel Cameron

Josphine Cameron Lee Daughter of Isom (Isham) Cameron,
Isom was the brother of my grandfather Bryant . Josphine died
in Detroit Michigan

Below is the son of Josphine Cameron Lee, Willie D. Robinson whom died in February 2012
Willie resided in McCall Creek Mississippi

Above Sterling Cameron, son of my great grandfather Alec and his second wife Laura
and half-brother of my grandfather Bryant. He ran away from home at a very early age and moved to Indiana and changed his name to Robert Ford, he died in 1969 

My great aunt Noda Cameron Byrd gravestone, daughter of Alec and Laura Cameron
Wife of Warren Cherry Byrd

Great uncle Warren "Cherry" Byrd Husband of my great aunt Noda Cameron Byrd

Alonzo Cameron below whom still resides in Brookhaven MS is the grandson of Henry and Ethel Cameron, provided the pictures below and also the picture of Henry and Ethel. Thank you cosuin


  1. Im Michael Johnson son of Willie Lee Johnson Sr. And Lavoria Cameron-Johnson I wonder if we are related contact me at

  2. Any relation to Ethel Landers Cameron of Atltanta?

  3. My name is Paula Greene and I am the great granddaughter of Bryant Cameron. Bryant was the son of Prince Cameron and Adeline Strait. Bryant was the slave of George G Strait. Pls let me know if we are connected:

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  5. Finally got your message. Since February I realized that Bryant Cameron mother was Eveline Strait, not Adeline. How are you related to the Camerons and can we talk.

  6. my name is sherra cameron i am the granddaughter of julius cameron the son of isom cameron who was the bother of bryant cameron if we are related or you have any information pls contact me @