Saturday, May 5, 2012

Franklin Parish Louisiana

My immediate family begun it's American roots, by way of Lincoln County Mississippi, Franklin Parish Louisiana and finally Seattle Washington.
As a child I attended a one room Church and School in Franklin Parish Winnsboro Louisiana, called Cuba Baptist Church and Cuba Elementary school. The school is no longer in existence and the Church has since been rebuilt and is somewhat larger.
My memories of Cuba elementary school are of having to walk about two miles to get there, the black children had no buses. There were days when the bus transporting the White children would pull over and throw eggs and water on us. One Winter I got really sick from having water thrown on me and having to walk to school drenched. The bus driver was a White man and was someone in authority and he pulled over and allowed the children to do this. I often wondered, what kind of man was he to do this to innocent children? I later learned racism and hatred of an entire race of people was the reason.

I also remember cutting my right hand on the school play yard and being to shy to tell the teacher Mrs. Arthur and when she saw the blood, she lovingly took my hand and bandaged it. Mrs. Arthur was a kind and gentle soul as I remember, and then there was Mrs. Bass who was not and like to use the Leather Strap for punishment.
All in all that one room school and Church gave me foundation as to who I am today. It was built by the black community to served God and to provide education for black children. For me it was Family.

My mother and father were married in this church on May 2, 1948
Cuba Baptist Church, Winnsboro Louisiana.
Elder Adam Nichols a good friend of the family Officaited

Ed B Coleman and Ruby Cameron Marriage License

The Cuba Baptist Church sign

My great Aunt Ora Coleman Lee Born Jan 3, 1907 in Brookhaven MS
Died Feb. 12, 1993 Franklin Parish Winnsboro Louisiana

Thanks to my cousin Ivy Lee who is the grandson of Ora Coleman Lee for providing the pictures
taking during The Singleton Family Reunion in 2009

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  1. Lela, what are your memories of the one room school? Cuba played an important part in your childhood.